Eco The Artist as Ecologist
Station Heimat


The Artist as Ecologist

Liveable environments in the age of media

Stadtverordneten-Saal at the Rathaus (Town Hall) Dieburg, Marktplatz 8
Nov 14 (14.00 –18.00h) – Nov 15 (10.00 –18.00h) 

Speakers’ schedule:

Friday, November 14, 2014

13.15 doors open, admittance; registration
14.15 opening
greetings by the Mayor of Dieburg and a representative of University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt
Introduction: Sabine Breitsameter, Setting the sail

14.45 Keynote 1: Derrick de Kerckhove (Canada), The (mis)Adventures of the Senses. McLuhan's-'Mosaic' approach and interdependency in the media sensual experience
15.30 Impulse 1: Kai Buchholz (Darmstadt), Aesthetic Sustainability and "Lebensreform". Glimpses into the birth of ecology
Impulse 2: Bettina Oppermann (Hannover), On Sound. From ecology to data, from data to arts
Summary; question & answers; discussion
16.30 Coffee Break
17.00 Keynote 2: Helmi Järviluoma (Finland), Soundscape Ethnography, Culture and Sustainability (with the possibility of German translation)
17.45 Impulse 3: Hannes Raffaseder, Sound/E/Scape. Sonic perception and sound design in the digital age

Saturday, November 15, 2014

10.00 doors open
10.15 greetings and info by the conference team
Impulse 4: Birte Frommer (Darmstadt), Urban Landscapes. Our perception of them and their influence on us. Spatial and Environmental Planning
Impulse 5: Klaus Schüller, Artists and Residences. The influence of creativity on its environment
Impulse 6: Michelle Bunn, Building Place for Personal Mythmaking. Location of Identity in the network society Summary; question & answers; discussion
11.15 Coffee Break
11.45 Keynote 3: Antoine Schmitt (France), An Ecology of Being. Dynamicinteractions between human nature and the nature of reality (with the possibility of German translation)
Impulse 7: Sabine Breitsameter, Ecology and Experiment. Expanding media in practice Discussion
12.45 Lunch Break
guided tour through the current exhibition Station Heimat. Media/landescapes/environments at Museum Schloss Fechenbach next to the Town Hall
15.00 Keynote 4: Raitis Smits (Riga), Emerging Techno-Ecological Art Practices. Shifts from new media to post media conditions
Impulse 8: Hans Ulrich Werner (Offenburg), From Soundscape Dialog towards A/R/T/ography of Sound. Reflection in action in art, research and teaching
Impulse 9: Michael Iber, Digging into Sound. Auditory data exploration and expertise listening
Summary; question & answers; discussion
16.00 Coffee Break
16.30 Casting the anchor: Roundtable of all speakers and attendees
17.45 Final Statement
Special thanks to the director of the Museum Schloss Fechenbach, Dieburg, Maria Porzenheim M.A., and her staff and to the staff of Dieburg City Hall.

In collaboration with the following courses by the Faculty of Media/Hochschule Darmstadt (Media Arts and Sciences): Expanded Cinema – Expanded Media (B.A.) Leadership by Arts: Techno Ecology (M.A.)